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Is there additional training offered beyond recruit class?

Yes. The fire district has monthly Fire and EMS training. These classes are presented at stations every Monday and Wednesday evening and typically one daytime training on a Friday morning each month so that volunteers have many opportunities to attend. The EMS training is designed to meet the continuing education requirements to maintain members’ EMT licenses.

The fire district training bureau offers a Leadership Development Program and an Operational Development Program to further our members knowledge base. These 6 month programs are offered to members with a set number of spaces in each class.

In addition to the above training opportunities, the fie district routinely sends members to state, regional and national training opportunities.

When does the recruit class start?

The fire district offers a fall recruit class that starts in August and a Spring class that starts in late January. We also do a summer recruit program offered during daytime hours, Monday through Friday in June.

How does the Station Residency Program work?

Station residents are provided an unfurnished dorm-like room of their own, most of which have a loft space. Residents share a bathroom (usually with only one other person), dayroom, kitchen and laundry facilities. Residents are also provided with utilities, internet, cable/satellite TV, and gas reimbursement for running calls. All of this is provided at no cost to the resident. Residents help to provide station coverage when they are available and are expected to provide standby at their station 4 nights per week and/or 48 hours per week including time sleeping at the station.

What is the initial training program for a volunteer?

The initial training to become a volunteer is the most time intensive portion of your service with the department. Recruit Academies last 4 months with class sessions held every Tuesday & Thursday evening (6PM-10PM) and every other weekend (8AM – 5PM). During the initial recruit training, you will be exposed to a wide variety of skills including firefighting, vehicle rescue, EMT-B requirements, apparatus driving, hazardous material response, water rescues, along with a variety of other skills. The department provides all necessary training and resources for volunteers during this program.

What is expected of a volunteer?

Once a volunteer has completed their initial training in the Recruit Academy, volunteers are expected to complete monthly continuing education training 2 evenings per month. These trainings are held on Monday and Wednesday evenings for all stations. Most stations do additional drills, meetings, truck checks, and station dinners on the off weeks from training. Typically, volunteers have a station commitment one evening each week. Volunteers also respond to emergency incidents when available. On average, our volunteers respond to 10 calls per month.

How can I become a volunteer?

We are always accepting applications from individuals interested in volunteering with the department. We review those applications several times a year to select recruits to become part of the BCFPD family. The only thing you need to do to be considered in this process is fill out an application. Click here to apply today.

How many volunteers make up the department?

We currently have roughly 170 volunteer members on the department. We’re always looking for additional volunteers throughout the county. If you’re interested, check out our recruitment page for more information.

How many calls does the department respond to each year?

Each year we respond to roughly 4,000 calls for service. This number includes responses to structure fires, vehicle accidents, medical emergency, technical rescues, and a variety of other support calls.

Do I have to be a firefighter to join the fire district?

We have numerous volunteer opportunities for people who do not want to be a firefighter. Please visit our Recruitment page for more information.

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