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Without the dedicated volunteers of the Boone County Fire Protection District, more than 50,000 residents would face limited service or a significantly higher tax burden to outfit and employ career firefighters. Volunteering will change your life, and could help save someone else’s!

Our Volunteers

Volunteer firefighters come from all walks of life. Our members include farmers, nurses, teachers, construction workers, students, accountants, and career firefighters. They joined the department to help their neighbors in times of need, to fulfill a desire to give back to their community, and contribute to the greater good. Along the way, they have developed a strong sense of family with those on the Fire District.


The lives and property of our citizens depends on well-trained volunteers. The training you will receive will not only make you stronger and more capable, it will prepare you with skills that will last a lifetime. Training for our volunteers follows to main phases: initial training and continuing education.

Initial Training

The initial training to become a volunteer is the most time intensive portion of your service with the department. Recruit Academies last 4 months with class sessions held every Tuesday & Thursday evening (6PM-10PM) and every other weekend (8AM – 5PM). During the initial recruit training, you will be exposed to a wide variety of skills including firefighting, vehicle rescue, EMT-B requirements, apparatus driving, hazardous material response, water rescues, along with a variety of other skills. The department provides all necessary training and resources for volunteers during this program.

Continuing Education

After completing the initial Recruit Academy, volunteers are released to the stations and begin responding to emergency incidents. Due to the nature of our activities, the training never stops. Each month the department delivers continuing education sessions on fire and EMS topics. Volunteers are expected to attend each session throughout the month. These sessions ensure that our volunteers are prepared for our changing environments and meet all the necessary training requirements for EMT-B relicensure with the State of Missouri.

Apply Today

The first step in joining our department is to apply. Qualified applicants will be invited for an interview once we begin filling spots for the next Recruit Academy.

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