Boone County Fire Protection District Offers Winter Weather Tips

With Old Man Winter’s return to Mid Missouri, the Boone County Fire Protection District would like to offer our citizens and visitors of Boone County these winter weather safety tips to help keep you safe during this weekend storm and frigid temperatures.


  • When winter and ice storms strike, don’t drive. If you must travel, listen to traveler’s advisories and have an alternate route planned. Allow for extra time to reach your destination. Slow down and increase your following distances and approach all intersections with caution. Keep emergency supplies in your car such as blankets, extra clothing, a shovel, sand or gravel, a flashlight or matches and candles, and quick energy foods. Keep your gas tank filled to prevent gas line freeze-up and be sure to let someone know your travel plans.


  • If you become trapped in your car during a Blizzard or Ice Storm, stay in your vehicle and wait for help. Don’t leave unless you can see shelter from your car—you can easily get lost in a snowstorm. Run the engine for short periods to keep warm, but be sure to open a downwind window slightly when the engine is on. Keep the exhaust pipe clean of snow. Turn on the dome light at night to signal rescuers. Take turns sleeping and watching for help. DO NOT PANIC.


  • If you lose heat or power to your house during a winter storm, keep warm by closing off rooms you don’t need and use only safe sources of heat, like wood and other fuel-burning stoves. Dress in several layers of lightweight clothing, and wear a wool stocking cap—most of your body heat is lost through your head. Sleep under several lightweight blankets instead of a single heavy one. Eat well-balanced meals and high-energy foods like raisins or peanut butter. This will allow your body to produce its own heat.


  • Many of us use wood-burning stoves, fireplaces and other alternate sources of heat during cold weather, but make certain they are used safely. It’s important to have your stove installed correctly and use only the fuel designed for your heater. Never use gasoline or other flammable liquids to start or quicken a fire. Always keep a screen around an open flame and don’t close the damper while ashes are still hot.


Should you need further information or have questions regarding Winter Weather Driving or Safety Tips, please contact the Boone County Fire Protection District office during normal business hours at 573-447-5000.


These safety tips are brought to you by the Boone County Fire Protection District.