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Fire Code Overview

The Boone County Fire Protection District operates under the 2015 International Fire Code which was adopted as an ordinance by the board of directors. With this adoption there is also some local amendments here which address more specific issues within the fire district. As our own political subdivision we are the authority having jurisdiction within our fire district boundaries including the nine different municipalities which we serve. This jurisdiction extends to all commercial properties and residential properties larger than a duplex. We do not have jurisdiction over single family and duplex structures. Those fall within the jurisdiction of Boone County Government. The Life Safety division reviews plans for commercial properties as outlined in the International Fire Code for compliance before construction. At this time there is no plan submittal or review fee applied by the fire district. These plans are submitted to Boone County Government and a copy is sent to our office. All plan review notes are then distributed through the lead plans examiner with the county. This process was put into place for the convenience of the developer to only have to submit plans to one location.


New construction inspections are also scheduled through the Boone County Government office. As inspections pertaining to the fire code arise, we are notified and will perform those inspections together with a county building inspector. The Life Safety Bureau also performs fire prevention inspections on existing commercial properties within our boundaries and municipalities. These preventive inspections are based on the 2015 International Fire Code for existing structures. The fire district will also perform courtesy inspections for home safety and fire prevention when requested by calling (573) 447-5000.


The Boone County Fire Protection District issues commercial fireworks permits and construction blasting permits. If you are planning either one of these types of activities please contact the fire marshal at 573-447-5000 for further information.

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