Bag Pipers Apply
Middle Initial

Most Recent Employment History


List the names of any firefighters that you know that are currently on or have been a member of this department:

List four persons who are NOT related to you and who have definite knowledge of your qualifications and fitness for the position for which you are applying. Do not repeat names of supervisors listed under Work Experience.

Minimum of 1 paragraph

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY AND SIGN. The above information is true and complete, and I understand that any false information or omissions will be grounds for a refusal to hire me, or immediate discharge if hired. The Boone County Fire Protection District may review my previous employment, driving and criminal records, and other background data as it may relate to the position(s) for which I am applying.


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Looking for an exciting way to serve the community, but maybe don't like the idea of fighting fire. The BCFPD still has a spot for you!

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March 21st, 6:56 pm  ·  

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It’s the first day of spring and you’re thinking about some spring cleaning, right? Here are some ideas!

✅ If you have trees, bushes and other plants along your driveway, make sure they are trimmed back. Overgrown trees can damage fire trucks and at times make it impossible for them to make it to your house
✅ Inspect bridges on your property. Make sure they are structurally sound and can support the weight of a large fire truck. Unsafe bridges could make it challenging for some of our bigger trucks to make it to your home
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March 20th, 3:36 pm  ·  

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