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If interested in joining BCFPD Pipes & Drums, we welcome your inquiries. The band always needs pipers and drummers with experience who can join the band after demonstrating basic mastery of band repertoire. Also, instruction is available for beginning pipers and drummers (side, tenor, and bass) who are interested in band membership after learning the core repertoire. Membership requires availability on Tuesday evenings for practice and some Saturdays during the active season.

A beginning bagpiper typically spends 6-9 months learning technique and tunes on a practice chanter before moving onto the Great Highland Bagpipe. As you progress, we will work with you to learn our repertoire and to prepare you for band membership. Start-up costs are approximately $80 for a practice chanter and lesson book. Purchasing a Great Highland Bagpipe will cost approximately $1200. The band has one loaner set for use by beginners while assessing permanent interest. Learning time for Scottish drumming is much shorter, depending on prior experience and drumming skills. Snare drummers need to provide their own drumsticks. Upon joining the band, most the required uniform is provided with small pieces purchased by individual members.

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Looking for an exciting way to serve the community, but maybe don't like the idea of fighting fire. The BCFPD still has a spot for you!

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March 21st, 6:56 pm  ·  

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It’s the first day of spring and you’re thinking about some spring cleaning, right? Here are some ideas!

✅ If you have trees, bushes and other plants along your driveway, make sure they are trimmed back. Overgrown trees can damage fire trucks and at times make it impossible for them to make it to your house
✅ Inspect bridges on your property. Make sure they are structurally sound and can support the weight of a large fire truck. Unsafe bridges could make it challenging for some of our bigger trucks to make it to your home
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March 20th, 3:36 pm  ·  

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