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The BCFPD wants to welcome two new members to the fire district! Troy Petersen will fulfill the open position of Recruit Academy Training Division Manager and Jason Warzinik will fulfill the Information Technology Division Manager position.
Troy has over 30 years of experience in the fire service. He will oversee the fire recruit training program for incoming firefighters. He worked for Eureka Fire Protection District and Central Jackson County Fire Protection District as a firefighter/paramedic for 6 years before taking a position with the Kansas City, MO Fire Department. He has been a member of Kansas City, MO Fire Department for 24 years, working on some of the busiest companies in the city. Currently he is a Captain on Rescue 1. He has developed and taught numerous fire, rescue, hazmat and EMS training programs; from recruit training programs to complex rescue and hazmat trainings and exercises. He has been a member of Missouri Task Force 1 for 14 years, serving as a Rescue Specialist, Rescue Squad Officer and now a Search Team Manager. He is also a Helicopter Search and Rescue Technician with the MO-TF1/MOARNG Helicopter Search and Rescue Team (HSART).
Jason has over 23 years of IT and GIS experience. He currently serves as the GIS Manager for Boone County, MO. He has held that position for 15 years. He has a vast array of experiences and education in computer networking, hardware and software use, programming languages (HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python and SQL), and geographic information systems (GIS) utilization and enterprise system design. He is a member of Missouri Task Force 1, serving as a Technical Information Specialist. He, along with Lee Turner, has coordinated the development of the BCFPD/MO-TF1 small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) program. He is an FAA-certified Part 107 UAV pilot.
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April 18th, 10:40 pm  ·  

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