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MO-TF1 Update: 2018-10-16 1700 Hours: Yesterday, twelve members of MO-TF1 performed search operations in and around Tyndall Air Force Base, while four team members supported three MO-TF1 HRD Canine Teams as they searched large debris fields in Mexico Beach, FL. Today, the HRD search team is back in Mexico Beach searching destroyed houses and debris piles. The rest of the team has been assigned to Panama City, FL to complete targeted searches at the direction of the Incident Management Team (IMT). ... See MoreSee Less

October 16th, 5:09 pm  ·  

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MO-TF1 Update: 2018-10-15 1500 Hours: Yesterday, Missouri Task Force 1 performed search operations in Jackson County, FL. MO-TF1 completed wellness checks on 67 residents that remained in their homes. The team also performed damage assessments on 431 structures and searched 1 vehicle. Last night, the three Human Remains Detection (HRD) Canine Teams, that left Columbia, MO yesterday morning, arrived in Pensacola, FL. This morning, the task force left Jackson County and headed for Mexico Beach, FL, where they met up with our three MO-TF1 HRD Canine Teams. Part of the task force is supporting the three HRD Canine Teams as they search large debris fields in and around Mexico Beach. The rest of the task force is working with other FEMA US&R teams to search Tyndall Air Force Base. ... See MoreSee Less

October 15th, 3:37 pm  ·  

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