Paramedic Education

The Paramedic Course has three options—Hybrid, Standard and RN-Paramedic Bridge. The hybrid sections have significant online work assignments in addition to face-to-face meetings one day every other week for 8 hours (9am to 5pm). There are sections that meet on Wednesdays and also a Friday section. The standard format course utilizes the online learning lessons to support the student’s learning but there are no formal assignments. The standard format section meets face-to-face in the classroom each Tuesday (9am to 5pm) and each Friday morning (9am-1pm). The standard format section’s schedule meets the requirements for military veterans to use their education benefits.

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The RN-Paramedic Bridge course is a fast-paced program geared toward experienced ER Nurses who desire to become high-performing Paramedics as well.

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Classes are held in the NE-2 Classroom at our Headquarters. We utilize a mix of independent study, team learning, case studies and simulations. This is a dynamic environment with a fast pace. Prospective students are welcome to observe. Direct your questions to the program director (Bryant Gladney, EMS Education Division Manager) at

Paramedic Head Start

Paramedic Head Start is a series of 3 online courses (using our Moodle LMS) use the same lesson materials that we use in the actual Paramedic Course. All of this would be strictly optional and serve as preparatory work—it would NOT provide advanced standing or preclude the student from any actual coursework in the Paramedic class. It would give the student a very solid feel for the depth and breadth of our studies and introduce you to our methodologies. Plus, your efforts are not wasted as this stuff counts!

We know that paramedic students learn best in small groups under the guidance of a talented coach working in lab and simulation settings. However, a key component of our learning process involves online preparation. This Paramedic Head Start would clearly help you prepare.

The Airway & Breathing Course, Pharmacology Course and the ECG Level 1 Course are all live on Moodle.

If you are interested in this course or have questions, contact Bryant Gladney, EMS Education Manager at

EMT Education

In addition to our EMT educational opportunities directed toward Fire District members, we have some offerings that are open to non-members.

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EMT (Public Program)

Currently, we deliver EMT as part of our Recruit Training program to all incoming members of the Fire District in a class format that is integrated into the Recruit Training schedule.   However, we now have EMT programs open to the public.


This is NOT an official certification—it’s simply the name of a class that we offer. The idea is that we want to address the typical gap in knowledge and capabilities between standard EMT class graduates and those EMTs that are high-functioning partners to Paramedics on an ALS Crew. This course also provides some helpful skills to our Fire District EMTs who are functioning in the first-response role.
Taught by staff from our two local ambulance services who are charged with orienting new EMT hires, the content focuses on all those little things that Paramedics LOVE to have their EMT partners be able to handle. For example, we spend some time on acquiring 12-lead EKGs, setting up IVs, helping with IV and IO starts, setting up CPAP and high-flow nebulizer treatments and assisting with ALS airway management. We work on learning all about the Zoll X-Series cardiac monitors that are in use by both local services. All of this stays strictly within the EMT scope of practice but much of it is simply not covered in the standard EMT course. We do all of this in a lab setting.

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