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What is Missouri Task Force One?

Missouri Task Force One is one of 28 Search and Rescue Task Forces located throughout the country. This team is made up of 210 highly trained personnel who respond to national, state and local disasters called up. Missouri Task Force One has been deployed to the disasters like the attacks at the World Trade Center on 9-11, Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, Joplin tornado and many other hurricanes and tornadoes throughout the country.

What if I have a complaint about my rental property?

Boone County does not have a property maintenance code for existing single family and duplex homes like the City of Columbia does. Your property issues for single family and duplex homes are between you and the landlord. The fire district does not have jurisdiction over single family and duplex homes, only commercial properties.

Does the fire district allow dry hydrants installed in ponds on private property.

Yes we allow it and some insurance companies may provide a discount, however, the reliability of that hydrant without periodic maintenance by the homeowner diminishes greatly. The issue with dry hydrants for the fire district is getting the fire truck to them and then the functionality of them.

What is my ISO (Insurance Services Organization) rating?

The Boone County Fire District has three designated ISO ratings. If you live in a fire hydranted area and are within five miles of a fire station your ISO rating is a class 4. If you live within an unhydranted area but are still within five miles of a fire station you are an ISO rating is a class 5. If you live further than five miles from a fire station your ISO rating is class 10. The lower your rating the cheaper your homeowners insurance will be.

Why do I see both agencies responding to the same calls?

The Columbia Fire Department and the Boone County Fire Protection District respond to the same incident based on a pre-identified geographic area. These geographic areas are agreed upon by both agencies based on station location and travel time to these areas regardless of jurisdictional boundaries.

What is the difference between the red fire trucks and the yellow fire trucks?

The red fire trucks is the Columbia Fire Department and the yellow fire trucks is the Boone County Fire Protection District.

Where do I take my fire extinguisher to be recharged?

Typically if the nozzle on the extinguisher is plastic it is cheaper to buy a new extinguisher. If the nozzle is metal or you’re not sure of the serviceable life of the extinguisher a local fire safety company will assist you.

Do I have to be a firefighter to join the fire district?

We have numerous volunteer opportunities for people who do not want to be a firefighter. Please visit our Open Positions page for more information.

Where should I put my carbon monoxide detector?

Carbon monoxide is about the same weight as air. Please follow the manufactures instructions on placement and mounting.

Where should I put smoke detectors in my home?

One detector in every sleeping room and one on every level of the home.

How often should I change my smoke detector batteries?

The fire district participates each year with the “Change Your Clocks Change Your Batteries” campaign. We encourage everyone to change their smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector batteries when you change your clocks.

What is the fire districts annual budget?

The fire district budget is about 3.5 million each year.

How many fire trucks does the district operate?

The fire districts operates over 60 fire apparatus including engines, brush trucks, tankers, squads, boats, command vehicles hazmat unit, air unit and other support vehicles.

How many firefighters does the district have?

The fire district volunteer staff of firefighters is around 200. There is 24 paid personnel who work to support the volunteers.

How many stations do you have?

The fire district operates out of 15 fire stations, one headquarters building and a multipurpose training center.

How big is the fire district?

The fire district covers about 500 square miles or approximately the northern 2/3’s of Boone County excluding the Columbia city limits.

Does the fire district offer ride-a-longs?

No we do not offer ride-a-longs. With an all volunteer staff of firefighters and our unique delivery methods, ride-a-longs are not possible.

Is the fire district using social media?

Yes we currently use Facebook and Twitter.

How can I make a donation to Truman’s Taxi?

You can send a check made out to Truman’s Taxi and mail it or bring it by the headquarters office located at 2201 I-70 Drive NW, 65202

How do I get a Truman’s Taxi Ride at an MU Football game?

The fire district offers certificates to children’s charity organizations as a fundraiser item for their campaigns. These certificates are typically auctioned off to the highest bidder at their fundraising events. Examples of recipient charities are Ronald McDonald House, Cancer Research, Pascal Pals, Boys and Girls Club… There are only as many certificates issues as there are home games for the upcoming season.

How long has Truman’s Taxi been a part of MU Football?

1986 was the first season that Truman’s Taxi delivered Truman to Faurot Field.

Is Truman’s Taxi a fire district truck?

Yes the fire district owns and operates the 1954 White Fire Truck as a parade truck and Truman’s Taxi for home MU football games.

Are fireworks allowed to be shot in the county?

Yes consumer grade fireworks may be set off in the unincorporated areas of the fire district anytime of the year. Municipalities may have different rules within their city limits.

Is open burning allowed in the fire district?

Yes open burning of natural vegetation and household generated waste is allowed in unincorporated areas of the fire district. The fire districts follows the Department of Natural Resources guide to open burning which can be found here (link). The incorporated areas may have their own rules regarding open burning.

How do I schedule a fire safety inspection at my home or business?

You may call our Headquarters office at 573-447- 5000 and ask for the Life Safety Division to schedule these inspections.

What building codes are enforced in Boone County?

The Boone County Fire Protection District adopts and enforces the International Fire Code. This code adoption is in concert with the Boone County Government’s adoption of the International Building, Fuel Gas, Residential and the National Electrical Code. The current code year being enforced is 2012. The codes run on a three year cycle.

What kind of topics can you speak about to my community group?

We can typically talk about any safety issue that your group is interested in. You can find a list of topics in our media guide here.

How do I schedule a fire department visit?

All requests to visit a fire station or have the fire district come visit you is arranged through the headquarters office by calling 573-447-5000.

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Boone County Fire Protection District Warns Residents of Red Flag Fire Conditions Today



With the lack of moisture and temperatures on the rise, the Boone County Fire Protection District would like to offer these reminders to the citizens of Boone County who choose to burn during the coming weeks, however, we would ask that NO BURNING occur when wind speeds exceeds 5-10 mph.

Here are a few reminders for everyone to follow:
• If you live in the County there is open burning for natural vegetation. If you live within the city limits of Columbia you will need a burn permit issued by the Columbia Fire Department. Please check with your local municipality for regulations on burning.
• Check local weather forecasts before any open burning. Winds can be very sporadic this time of year.
• Winds are typically calmer and humidity is typically higher during the morning hours.
• Be sure to provide a safe barrier around your prescribed burn. This may be achieved by mowing a clean strip around the area or by scrapping it down to bare dirt.
• Have a water source nearby. A garden hose works well if used early in the event of a fire moving to quickly.
• Never burn materials that are close to any structure.
• Burn small areas at a time.
• Never leave a fire area unattended whether it is a burn barrel or a prescribed burn.
• If burning in a barrel try to place a metal screen to avoid large embers from escaping the barrel. These embers can travel some distance and still start a fire.
• Notify the Joint Communications Center at 573-442-6131 before lighting your fire.
• Call 911 immediately if the fire grows larger or moves more rapidly than anticipated.
• If your fire burns out of control and causes damage to someone else’s property, you will be held liable for damages. This includes buildings, crops and even grasses.
• When in doubt call your local fire department for advice before burning.

For more information contact the Boone County Fire Protection District at 573-447-5000 during normal business hours and 573-219-0677 during nights and weekends or your local fire jurisdiction.
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February 16th, 9:01 am  ·  

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There is a red flag warning today from 11:00am-6:00pm. Grasses and other fuels are dry. Please don't burn as weather conditions will lend themselves to extreme fire behavior and can quickly become out of control. ... See MoreSee Less

February 16th, 7:38 am  ·  

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