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12-21-2016 Regular

12-01-2016 Special Open

11-16-2016 Regular

11-03-2016 Special Open

10-27-2016 Closed

10-19-2016 Regular

10-06-2016 Special Open

09-21-2016 Regular

09-01-2016 Special Open

08-17-2016 Regular

08-17-2016 Public Hearing

08-04-2016 Special Open

07-20-2016 Regular

06-15-2016 Regular

05-18-2016 Regular

05-05-2016 Closed and Special Open

04-20-2016 Regular

04-07-2016 Special Open

03-16-2016 Regular

03-09-2016 Special Open

02-17-2016 Regular

02-04-2016 Special Open

01-21-2015 Regular

01-20-2016 Regular

01-08-2015 Regular

12-16-2015 Regular

11-18-2015 Regular

11-05-2015 Special Open

10-28-2015 Regular

10-08-2015 Special Open

09-28-2015 Special Open

09-21-2015 Regular and Closed

08-19-2015 Regular and Closed

08-06-2015 Special Open

07-15-2016 Regular

07-02-2015 Special Open

06-17-2015 Regular

06-04-2015 Special Open

05-20-2015 Closed

05-20-2015 Regular

05-07-2015 Closed and Special Open

04-15-2015 Regular

04-02-2015 Special Open

03-18-2015 Regular

03-05-2015 Closed

02-18-2015 Closed

02-18-2015 Regular

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Last evening we promoted our newest Lieutenant on the Fire District. Lieutenant Zack Dawson received his new helmet at the station in front of family and members of the station.

In addition, firefighters at Station 6 placed the final new apparatus from our bond issue in service. The new squad is a tremendous asset and covers the northern half of the Boone County Fire Protection District territory.
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March 20th, 4:57 pm  ·  

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Are you up for the Challenge?

The Boone County Fire Protection District will offer a Summer Recruit Firefighter Program during June. The Class will be June 5th-30th from 8-5 Monday-Friday. Candidates must be able to attend all sessions. Apply online at The deadline for applications is April 7th. For questions, email

Join the Fight, Volunteer!
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March 17th, 2:18 pm  ·  

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